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Mycrochips Chocolate 50 Pack

(7 customer reviews)


NEW! Mycrochips Chocolate 50 Pack

With Mycrochips Chocolate premium psilocybin products you are in control of your trip, and can rest assured that you’re consuming a reliable dose of the best magic mushrooms. Not sure how many squares to enjoy? Check out our Dosing Guide!

• Net wt. 36 grams
• 4g total psilocybin per bar


Mycrochips Chocolate Box of 50 Bars

Our mycrochips chocolate box contains 50 bars of premium psychedelic chocolates with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

At Mycrochips Chocolate we believe in quality over everything. That’s why we grow our mushrooms in-house at our state-of-the-art facility. Knowing what’s in your magic mushroom chocolate bar may seem like a given, but without regulations a lot of the other guys aren’t creating evenly dosed products.

This results in inconsistent trips and bad experiences. We want to ensure your magic mushroom experience is always consistent and reliable if you order our mycrochips chocolate box of 50 bars. So we meticulously control every step in the production of our products from spore to sale.

Recommendation of Dose Legend

Here’s a dosage legend for our mycrochips chocolate bars
1-3 pc Мусro
4-7 pcs Threshold
8-12 pcs Macro

Mycrochips Chocolate Ingredients

Oranic Cacao, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Raw Sagar, Organic Botanical Blend, Organic
Lab Grade Psilocybin Mushroom

Indigenous cultures have used entheogenic psilocybe mushrooms in ceremony, divination, and healing for millennia. Drawing from the Earth’s abundant pharmacopeia, this bar is calibrated to harmonize, enhance, and optimize your daily rhythms. Benefit from an increase in creativity and focus, while generating new neural pathways. The Hologaze* rainbow surface arrives at your eyes by virtue of texture and light (not any chemical, film, or “ingredient”). Enjoy the multisensory experience with our mycrochips chocolate box of 50 bars.

Be Aware
You can always take more but you can never take less.

Do not operate heavy machinery on shrooms.

7 reviews for Mycrochips Chocolate 50 Pack

  1. Allen

    I’ve been using mycrochips chocolate for about a month now and I couldn’t say better things about these chocolates! I cut out coffee about 2 months ago and it was hard at first but mycrochips treats helped give me a little boost. I feel more intentional and connected to things and people I come across. I do practice yoga and meditation which I personally think go well with taking mushrooms regularly. Thank mycrochips for creating something so easy (and tasty) to take, yet so effective!

  2. Shayna

    Finally!!!! Something to help me when I’m not feeling like taking my adderall. A nice calm smooth euphoric nudge when I need it!!! Not to mention the staff, Sam, who helps when needed. I love your product!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  3. Greg Ward

    This order was (2) 50 packs of Chocolate bars. They came loose (not in boxes) and several of the bars were broken into several pieces. My previous order of the same item arrived, secured in two separate boxes and not broken.

  4. Ashley

    I’ve gifted these chocolate bars several times and everyone I sent these to absolutely love them! Shipping is also really fast and I live on the east coast. Thanks!

  5. Brandon J

    These mushroom chocolate bars are a game-changer. The chocolate is smooth and decadent, while the mushrooms offer a gentle yet profound experience. A must-try for anyone seeking a natural way to unwind.

  6. Alex K.

    The chocolates were securely packaged in a sturdy box with ample cushioning. Each bar was individually wrapped in an insulated sleeve to maintain temperature, ensuring they arrived in perfect condition without any melting.

  7. Tony R.

    Shipping was relatively quick, taking three days. The tracking information was clear, but there was a slight delay at one point, which made me a bit anxious.

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